The Sunday Tribune – The Outcast of Crossbones

3 January 2019

Debbie Elliot interviews John Constable aka John Crow on the history of Crossbones Graveyard.

As so often with press stories, there are a few anomalies: we can date the burial ground with certainly only back to the 17th century, although local tradition links it with the ‘Single Women’s churchyard’ mentioned by John Stow in 1598. John Constable, the living poet, wrote ‘The Southwark Mysteries’. (The other John Constable, the dead painter, is the one with a ‘Suffolk’ connection. The ‘John West’ credited in the video is a purveyor of tinned fish who somehow scrambled his way in there!)

Even so, this provides a useful short introduction to the Crossbones story. To dig deeper into the history, legends and contemporary work at Crossbones, please visit the History page or the other Videos on this website.