John Constable in his new play 'SPARE' - Copy
John Constable as Austin Osman Spare. Photo (c) Sarah-Jane Farrer. Reprocessed by Matt Baldwin-Ives


a paranormal comedy

written and performed by John Constable

John Constable’s solo show is a paranormal comedy inspired by the life and work of Austin Osman Spare. The play is set in the artist’s studio at the Elephant and Castle, on the night it was bombed during the 1941 blitz. In the course of the night, Spare’s greatest act of chaos magic unleashes unpredictable consequences.He battles with the spectre of Adolf Hitler and other entities, on his journey to a consummation ‘beyond all, nothing, and neither neither’.

What if this play, cunningly disguised as a biographical drama, is, in fact, the vehicle for a practical demonstration of Chaos Magic? The play of Mr Austin Osman Spare’s unconditioned mind, even now unfolding before our soon to be astonished eyes.

(from SPARE by John Constable)

SPARE, commissioned by Southwark Mysteries, was first performed in Treadwell’s bookshop and at The White Bear theatre, Kennington.

SPARE is an extraordinary, visionary work of art and magic…
I was enthralled throughout… I cannot recommend the play enough.

Sarah-Jayne Farrer

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