Roman Mosaics on the ‘Liberty’ development north of Cross Bones

The Good News (maybe): the developers and the Council have agreed a scheme for the permanent public display of the Roman mausoleum and mosaics found on the site to the north of Cross Bones, site of the ongoing ‘Liberty of Southwark’ developement.

'Astonishing' Ancient Roman Mausoleum Unearthed In Central London

The Down Side (maybe): increase in height of buildings, two less homes, more commercial outlets. Some are calling for a more extensive display of such significant Roman finds, comparable with The Mithraeum in the Bloomsberg Building in The City of London.

full report in

digital reconstruction of the Roman Mausoeum by MOLA

NB both these stories relate to the devlopment site to the north of Cross Bones Graveyard. As far as we know, neither has a major impact on Crossbones and its ongoing enhancement as a Garden of Remembrance.