A short selection of articles available online

BBC News: Crossbones: Historical London burial ground ‘saved for decades’ (23 March 2021)

BBC World Service / PRI Radio: ‘London has a unique vigil for its forgotten dead’ (2017)

Discovering Cross Bones Graveyard in London… TagAlongTravel (2019)

Celebrating Life at a Forgotten Cemetery for Sex Workers… Deborah Coughlin, Broadly, Vice (2015)

Mayor to ‘fast track’ development next to Cross Bones Graveyard… London SE1 (2016)

London’s Crossbones Graveyard is the setting for a very eerie Halloween celebration… Katharine Angel, The Independent (2009)

At the Crossbones Cemetery… Spitalfields Life (2009)

St George’s Day in SE1 (2009)

Red Cross Way… Estates Gazette (2011)

UK Vigil part of struggle for prostitute memorial… Julie Mollins, Reuters (2011)

Graveyard of the destitute set to be site for plush new London flats… Metro (2012)

Cross Bones Graveyard, London… Travel Darkly (2014)

Bugwoman at Crossbones (2017)

Londra-Crossbones Graveyard: le “Oche” del Vescovo… Essere Altrove article in Italian (2019)

The Wild Hope of Goose Night… Jacqueline Durban aka Radical Honeybee (2019)

Audio recordings

Salon for the City, London Bone – recording of talk by John Constable (playwright ‘and some say shaman’ of Crossbones Graveyard) with Jelena Bekvalac (The Museum of London’s curator of Osteology) hosted by the Clerkenwell Kid

Spring 2019: Singer-songwriter Frank Turner interviews John Constable aka John Crow at Crossbones. They talk about the history of the Graveyard of the Outcast Dead, John’s vision of The Goose and John Crow in ‘The Southwark Mysteries’, which inspired the works here over the past 23 years, and Frank’s own song inspired by this extraordinary place. At the end, Frank reveals what he repeated at our 23rd November 2019 Vigil and Goose Night: “I came across this place about three years ago and wrote this song, and then I spoke to John and realised I’d written a song about John Crow and The Goose by accident.”

John Higgs and David Bramwell meet John Constable aka John Crow and Michelle Watson (The Goose in the 2010 production of The Southwark Mysteries) at Cross Bones Graveyard. This podcast is inspired by the chapter on The Halloween of Crossbones in John Higgs’ book ‘Watling Street’. It also includes contributions from sex-worker turned comedian Miranda Kane, housing campaigner Victor Adebowale, and psychogeographer Iain Sinclair on the London Stone.