June 23rd 2024 Vigil – and more!

The June issue of Vigil Aunty (click link below) has all you need to know to attend the June 23rd Vigil, or any of the Vigils held at the Cross Bones shrine in Redcross Way at 7pm on the 23rd of every month.

The Vigils were initiated by John Crow as part of the campaign to reclaim Cross Bones as sacred ground. Since John completed his 23-year magical work at Cross Bones, the Vigils have continued, hosted by Jennifer Cooper, Mark Juhan, Natalie Boatfield, Jacqueline Durban, Nicholas Greaves and others.

This issue includes its own link to a film by Zoe Rixon of one of the Vigils conducted by John Crow on 23rd October 2013, back when we were still campaigning for the Garden of Remembrance which officially opened in 2016. Rough sleeper Siony speaks eloquently of what Cross Bones means to folk like him.

John conducted his last Vigil on the 23rd anniversary of the night that ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ and the Secret History of Crossbones were first revealed to him by The Goose (23rd November 1996).
On the night of 23rd November 2019,  Frank Turner sang his song ‘The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead’ (link also included in Vigil Aunty).

Photo: John Crow at the first Cross Bones Vigil for the Outcast, 23rd June 2004. Photo by Gary Neale