Hail The Queen of The May!

A balmy summer’s evening for the May 23rd 2019 Vigil – our 180th, completing 15 years of being here at 7pm on the 23rd of every month.

John Crow did the honours with Jennifer Cooper – he took us into being shining emptiness and she tuned us in with Rob, who was tuning in with us from Australia (at 4am Oz time) to honour his sister (who took her own life)  and to work on his own healing. We gave ourselves away as we tied our red and white ribbons to the gates. Many enhanced the experience by bringing their own ribbons to tie.

Then Crow kicked off the offerings with his Beltane chant, with everyone joining in on “Hail The Queen of the May!” Irene led the singing of the Crossbones anthem. Jules spoke on Rosicrucian connections – elucidating the esoteric significance of Katy’s rose-cross. Hannah read her poem inspired by the Vigil and spoke of the joys of being a Crossbones warden (more welcome!). Ian sang medieval songs of Spring. Hana spoke of stepping outside her comfort zone and speaking to a stranger. Drew sang The Coldest Kiss, haunting…

Lucy turned up just in time to say goodbye to her dead Grandmother, who’d disowned her when she was a child and whose funeral was today (Lucy wasn’t invited). And Claudia and Jonathan related the pilgrimage of ‘The 69ers’ from Cerne to CERN where, on 23rd April, they had enacted a psychic link-up with last month’s Vigil.

Another night of revelation, healing and transformation. Or just another Crossbones Vigil…  

Great to have so many Friends, long-standing or new-found, with us, all sharing their energy and concentration to boost the magic – including Graham Eden, who took these photos.

The heroic Goose Samurai kept us all safe from harm – and specifically by closing the road to save us from being mown down by traffic. We closed as ever with the Unconditional Blessing – Baixinha’s Message of the Caboclo, followed by ‘Goose Let Your Spirit fly free.’ And so She does!