Goose Night, 26th annversary, 23/11/22

Open pathways to all beings on this blessed Goose Night!
It’s now 26 years since the night of 23rd November 1996, when The Goose revealed to John Crow ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ and the secret herstory of the Cross Bones Graveyard. That vision changed and still shapes my life.
My new spiritual adventures in Glastonbury have been guided by walking and working with The Goose.

Tonight, I’m inclined to a peaceful, personal honouring of my spirit guide and the way she transformed my consciousness. Of course, if she wills it, you may find me publicly declaring her Liberty at the Market Cross. Or I may drop in on Jacqueline Durban’s Zoom Vigil here:
Meeting ID: 856 2417 8240 Passcode: 377295
(the Zoom Vigil is available on youtube shortly after the event)

When I completed my works at Cross Bones, I said ‘The Goose Is Loose’, meaning that everyone is free to work with Her for the benefit of all beings. As they have done ever since, many friends of Cross Bones will gather tonight at 6.45 (to begin on the stroke of 7) at the gates in Redcross Way SE1 – to honour the outcast, dead and alive; to renew the shrine with offerings; and to reclaim the secret history as revealed by The Goose. Jennifer Cooper will be doing the honours. The word is, she may also be doing a poem from my new book ‘Grail’, which was also received under The Goose’s influence.

You can order ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ direct from the publisher:…/southwark-mysteries…/
For ‘Grail’ and my other books, and for the new album ‘Ancestor Souls’, please DM me for more details.
Photo by Max Crow Reeves: John Crow conducts the Cross Bones Vigil