Good Friday at The Cross Bones

I seen Christ at the Cross Bones
Conversing with the Shadow Man,
Brother to brother-man:
“No sweat, Brother.
I go take the rap,
For love of our dear old Dad and Mum.”
I seen the Priest
Contending with the Preacher Man:
“Christ is this! Not that!
If not One, then Other.”
I seen Christ go quietly about his work
In this Prime Real Estate riverside slum.
I seen Christ at the Cross Bones
Comfort and bless the Shadow Man
As in a prayer:
“Red Cross Mary, Merciful Mother,
Protect and empower Your exiled children
Until Your Liberty come.”
‘Good Friday at The Cross Bones’ by John Constable
from ‘Spark In The Dark’ (Thin Man Press
Photo by Katy Kaos: Red Cross Mary at Cross Bones Graveyard, 2012