Cross Bones Vigil

Sunday 23.02 2020
7pm in the street by the shrine in Redcross Way, London SE1

Mark (in photo, to right of speaker Jules) is one of the ‘John Crows’ who’ve taken on conducting the Vigils . He writes: 

Everyone is invited to the 189th Vigil for the Outcast, both dead and alive. We gather at the Portal at 6.45 to begin at 7 pm. Standing together, in Shining Emptiness, we Honour The Outcast, refresh and renew the shrine and reclaim the Goose and her Liberty.

Welcoming all religions and none, please bring your creativity, ribbons, grief and joy to the second of our Vigils of 2020.

This community started with a vision: a vision of human, God(s) and beast united; we hold the light, we remember, we celebrate and we honour those cornerstones of society who were in life rejected and forgotten.

Here lay your hearts,
your flowers,
your book of hours;

Your fingers,
your thumbs,
your miss-you-mum’s.

Here hang your hopes,
your dreams
your might’ve-beens;

Your locks,
your keys,
your mysteries.

This liminal space between Imbolc and Equinox is a time to gather ourselves for the coming growth, to share stories and poems which embody this time of year.

Come for some peace in the bustle.

Come to remember.

Open Pathways.