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Books inspired by Crossbones include:

The Southwark Mysteries by John Constable;
Spark In The Dark by John Constable;
A Goose In Southwark by Chris Roberts and Carl Gee;
The Spirits of Crossbones Graveyard: Time, Ritual, and Sexual Commerce in London by Professor Sondra Hausner of Oxford University;
Watling Street by John Higgs. Chapter 5 ‘Cross Bones: The blessing of the Winchester Geese’ (pp.99-131) relates the genesis of The Southwark Mysteries and the work at Crossbones.

The Outcast Dead: Cross Bones Graveyard by Paul Slade is available online

Crossbones Graveyard is referenced in many works of fiction, including:
Sunday At the Crossbones by John Walsh;
The Fatal Tree by Jake Arnott;
The Walworth Beauty by Michele Roberts.

Crossbones was extensively referenced in papers presented at the 2016 Urban Sacred In Southwark conference.

The many academic books and articles on the subject include:
Honouring The Outcast Dead: The Cross Bones Graveyard by Dr Adrian Harris;
In Defense of the Dead: Materializing a Garden of Remembrance in South London by Steph Berns.

Crossbones Graveyard has inspired many artworks, plays, poems and songs – including The Graveyard of the Outcast Dead by Frank Turner (2019)