Cross Bones Vigil for the Outcast

Thursday 23rd February gather 6.45 for 7pm Vigil
The Red Gates, Redcross Way SE1

Turn up a bit before 7pm to greet friends and tune in.

The vigil begins on the stroke of 7 with simple rituals to remember those buried in Crossbones and our own lost loved ones, to honour the outcast and the outsider, not forgetting sex workers, and to reconnect with the secret history and transforming vision of The Goose, as revealed to John Crow at Crossbones on 23rd November 1996.

We’re not a religion, though we just might be a shamagical cult whose members are free to ‘come and go as they please’ in keeping with the Ordinances of our Bishop of Winchester! 😉

You’re invited to bring ribbons and mementos to tie to the shrine at the gates. In the middle of the vigil, there’s space to offer short poems and songs inspired by Cross Bones. Above all, bring your own magic, your love, care and beauty to share.

The 153th consecutive Vigil for the Outcast, Dead and Alive, observed on the 23rd of every month since 23rd June 2004.

Jennifer conducted last month’s vigil. This month’s Old Man Crow will do the honours with a little help from Friends of Crossbones – that’s you! We welcome your help with (officially) closing the road for the Vigil.

FREE! Donations welcome.