23rd October 2023 Vigil and portal to Halloween and 31st October THIS SAMHAIN NIGHT

For those of you in London, the Cross Bones Vigil is happening this 23rd October 2023 at the shrine in Redcross Way SE1, gather 6.45 for 7pm opening ritual. This is traditionally the portal to Halloween, and the 233rd consecutive monthly Vigil by my calculation. It is due to be conducted by Jennifer or another ‘Magical Collectivist’.

Many of the rituals and invocations spoken over the years at The Halloween of Cross Bones and the October Vigils are to be enacted and invoked ‘This Samhain Night’ at St Benedict’s Church, Glastonbury – 31 October 2023, gather 7.30 for 7.45 opening £12 on door. Advance tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/this-samhain-night-tickets-716487181447 – to amplify the London-Glastonbury current. Here’s one:
“Here where the bones are crossed
be hallowed ground.
Here let the names that were lost
be found.
Shut out in days of old
the outcast dead.
Here bring them in from the cold
to be watered and fed.
Here let the ties that bind
against forgetfulness
light candles, build shrines
in the wilderness.”
‘The Hallowing of Cross Bones Yard’ (from ‘Spark In The Dark’ by John Constable)
This is a time to reconnect with the Ancestors and also to remember our own lost loved ones. On This Samhain Night, I’ll be communing with many friends on the Other Side, including John Vidal (d. 19 October 2023), Niall McDevitt (d. 29 September 2022) and Claudia Boulton (d. 26 October 2021). In the photo, taken at an October 23rd Cross Bones Vigil back in the day / night in 2014, I’m holding up a photo of anarcho-dionysian philosopher and fellow prankster Steve Ash (d. 18 October 2014).
Open pathways for them and all beings, dead and alive. May we each fulfil our most intimate aspirations.
The October Cross Bones Vigil can participated in physically at the gates / shrine and can also be viewed live this evening on Zoom, hosted by Jacqueline Durban (later uploaded to YouTube and Facebook)
Meeting ID: 856 2417 8240
Passcode: 377295