The esoteric works of John Constable aka John Crow

GRAIL by John Constable

New Book (2022). ISBN: 978-1-913325-13-8
A magical artefact to open the pathways… A Book of Incantations, Spells and Meditations… An initiation…

‘…could be titled The Glastonbury Mysteries, as counterpart to the author’s celebrated The Southwark Mysteries… a deeply affectionate and perceptive look at esoteric Glastonbury at a particular moment in time… a generous exemplar of that meeting of different spiritual traditions, in harmonious juxtaposition and conversation, which is the greatest current achievement of the place… Constable always keeps his feet as dependably on the ground as his head is in the clouds. Like his muse the Goose Woman, he is a being equally of earth and fire.’

Professor Ronald Hutton

Book £13 (+ £3 postage in UK) – available in Treadwells or Watkins bookshops, London
or direct from John here


ANCESTOR SOULS by John Crow and Queen Space Baroque
New album, recorded live on All Hallow’s Eve. A journey between the worlds. Edgy Astral music by Queen Space Baroque (Jennifer Bliss Bennett and William Kraemer) to spells and incantations from GRAIL and THE SOUTHWARK MYSTERIES by John Constable (John Crow). The title track is a ritual performed on 13 Halloweens at Cross Bones Graveyard in south London, part of a 23-year magical work.
‘we travel through the veil on a Halloween night… hear outcasts on the streets of medieval London… through to the Celtic Otherworld… into the elemental cauldron under Glastonbury Tor…’ Jenny Bliss Bennett
Digital download:

CD £13 (limited edition of 100 numbered copies) available from Jenny, William or direct from John here



1999. John Constable’s seminal Book of visionary poems, esoteric lore and a Mystery Play performed in Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral.

Past and present, sacred and profane jostle and collide in a glorious tumult in this anarchic drama… John Constable’s work is couched in verse that is muscular, ribald and often dazzlingly rich. (The Times)
Book £18.99 available from Treadwells, Watkins





The first three spells from GRAIL in a hand-printed artefact, hand-set and printed by John and Katy under the guidance of Blakean master printer Peter Fraser on the Feast of St Bride 2022.
Limited edition pamphlet (8 pages plus cover):
a few remaining from 23 numbered copies: £23.
some left from 33 unnumbered copies: £10.

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A collection of John’s shamanistic poetry, including his hallucinatory prose poems WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL: TIME OUT OF MIND and WENNEFER. ‘Like Shakespeare on acid.’ (Time Out)
Book £10. Order direct from John here


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