The Witchin’ Hour on Goose and Crow Magic

The Witchin’ Hour is an enthralling, informal, funny, free-range esoteric chat-show. In this episode Rebecca Bird takes us through her adventures at the February 2022 Glastonbury Occult Conference. Great reviews of presentations by Trevor Jones, Liz Williams, Sally North, Paul Weston and more. John ‘Crow’ Constable’s talk and workshop with Katy Kaos on ‘Goose and Crow Magic – Working With The Spirits’ blew her socks off! Her review starts at 26.23 on the video. Bekie completely gets The Goose. She plugs this website, Cross Bones Graveyard and the Vigils held every 23rd. Probably the raviest review we ever had for one of our esoteric workshops. If I say so meself it was one of our best, with 23 high-octane witches and magicians all getting out of the way to let The Goose do Her wondrous thing. Thanks to all who journeyed with us, and to Bekie for honking our trumpet! The Goose is loose! ❤