The Goddess, The Goose and me

Sunday 23rd September 12 noon to 6pm

A workshop hosted by Jacqueline Durban and Jennifer Cooper

Through creativity, movement, ritual, and laughter, we will dive into an exploration of what it is to walk a Goddess Path, holding the Divine Feminine as our mirror and guide, seeking Her beneath the skin of the everyday where She has remained hidden in plain sight over two thousand years.

Working in the Crossbones Graveyard Memorial Garden to the Outcast Dead, we will discover The Goose; the Spirit of a medieval prostitute with Her own Secret History (as imparted to John Crow, the shamanic double of John Constable), and discover in Her company a doorway offering the way into deep healing and profound transformation through “sacred profanity”, Open Pathways, and Shining Emptiness.

Working together; listening to the Sacred Feminine within, to the holy and hallowed ground that we walk on, its nature and its heartbeat, we will create a communal poem which we will then present at the monthly Crossbones Vigil for the Outcast, dead and living.

Donations requested, from £30 downwards. Pay what you can afford. All welcome.

After the workshop there will be an opportunity and invitation to attend the monthly Vigil for the Outcast, Dead and Living at the gates of the Crossbones shrine.