St George’s Day Vigil

And a goodly St George’s Crossbones Vigil for the Outcast it was replete with open pathway lightings, heart hangings, a spell to link us with the Pilgrims at CERN, “The Goose is loose in The Liberty” said x 23, Rhapsodes – Mark Juhan with ‘The Book of the Egyptian’, John Crow with ‘George and The Dragon Rap’, and Jennifer Cooper with ‘The Mystery of George and Martha’, healing the dragon and reclaiming George as an inclusive patron saint and protector of our healing works, then Maggie Woodall reading a poem she was given at Extinction Rebellion, Roddy McDevitt doing his own beautiful Compassion poem, and Drew Galdron his prayer for the warriors, Katy Kaos’ alchemical rose cross decoded, Danny Nemu, Gilda, Jana and Sophia singing songs for Sao Jorge and Ogum, with infant prodigy Samuel clapping along, Jules on the inspirational legacy of John Michell, all culminating in a terrific subversive piece of street theatre in which St George was persuaded to allow his daughter Britannia to marry The Dragon – whereupon she dropped the bombshell: “I’ve not only married a dragon. I am the Mother of Dragons!”

😉 We closed with gin and unconditional blessings. Huge respect to the Goose Samurai who held the road.