St George’s Day Crossbones Vigil

Monday 23rd April
gather 6.45 for 7pm Vigil at the red gates / outcast shrine in Redcross Way

As ever, we come to renew the shrine, to remember the outcast, dead and alive, and to reclaim the secret history as revealed by The Goose to John Crow. We’ve done this at the same time on the 23rd of every month since June 2004.

On our 23rd April Vigil, we also celebrate St George as ‘our Lady’s Knight’, the inclusive patron saint of many peoples and cultures, the healer of those in mental distress, and the protector of our magical works at Crossbones.

Like the 23rd April Vigils of past years, we trust that this one will be graced by the appearance of The Dragon and St George, perhaps shape-shifting into his Al-Khidr persona.

This month, George of Bermondsey, who wrote the haunting ‘Crossbones’ anthem, will be doing the honours. Jules will step forward to deliver his ‘spot’ of wisdom and insight. As ever, strangers will step out of the night to amaze you and, Goose willing, you’ll all work through the Vigil together. Enough of you know the form to help newcomers follow the simple rituals.

For The Goose and St George!