Into our 23rd year…

23rd November 2018 marked the 22nd anniversary of the night The Goose walked John Crow about The Liberty of The Clink, to reveal her Secret History at Crossbones Graveyard.

It was also the 174th Vigil for the Outcast – so, once again, I came to remember, to renew and to offer my gratitude for these works that changed my life, as I enter the 23rd year of service to The Goose and The Crow. Conducting the Vigil, I was a bit scatty, drifting off a couple of times – and Priestess Jacqui had to step in at the end to remind me to complete the ‘Goose may your Spirit fly free!’ blessing amid much hilarity!

As ever on Goose Night, John Crow performed The Book of The Goose – with Jennifer Cooper stepping up to deliver ‘By The Grace of Our Lady Mary Overie’, thereby showing the way for all who’d like to become a Goose Rhapsode, learning some verses of The Southwark Mysteries and so enabling Her spirit songs to be sung long after this John is done and dusted.

Jacqueline Durban delivered a fierce moving poem on Remembrance, Drew Galdron sang his song of ‘The Coldest Kiss’, Nicholas Greaves gave powerful testimony from the Trans community, remembering those whose lives were cut short because of the way they were pushed to the edge, the outsiders of the outsiders.

And then together we celebrated the edge, and the people who live there, who are not simply to be pitied, though compassion for their suffering, but to be valued – because, it is on this creative edge where new life, new ideas, new ways of living are born. Then Geoff Miles and Hildegarde conducted their ritual within a ritual, in Frith, and, as one we connected to his magic copper ring, chanting over and over ‘Heal these bones and heal these souls…’

Maximum respect to our Goose Samurai crew, master and mistressfully co-ordinated by Jules and Jenn, and as ever to Katy Kaos for her many workings behind the scenes. In the photo you can see Jenn’s magnificent Santa Muerte hanging over Crow’s right shoulder. (Offscreen, Our Lady of Crossbones watches his left.) All this, and much more, with seven candles for Red Cross Mary and the full moon rising over Crossbones as we entered the portal.

Open pathways! >><< Photo: full moon over Crossbones, Goose Night, 23rd November 2018. Photo: Joseph Bonner