I Was An Alien Sex God

I Was An Alien Sex God 1995 by John Constable - photo Murdo Macloed
I Was An Alien Sex God, Edinburgh 1995. Photo (c) Murdo MacLeod

I Was An Alien Sex God

confessons of a bowiemaniac

a solo comedy

written and perfomed by John Constable

In I Was An Alien Sex God, John Constable draws freely on his own misspent youth, including teenage experiments with LSD, a spell as a male stripper in Berlin, and training as a Zen monk in Japan.

In the summer of 1969, John Crow, an undercover agent for the North Wales Drug Squad, is forced to drop acid ‘so as not to blow my cover’.   Under the influence, he looks in the mirror and sees the face of David Bowie. He becomes convinced that he and Bowie are twin halves of an Alien Sex God, whose ‘coming together’ will unleash the apocalypse.

Let’s get this straight, Commissioner. You’re saying if David Bowie and I have sex, it’ll destroy the universe?

John Constable’s mind-blowingly weird one-man show which takes in acid trips, mind-body transference, quantum physics, Berlin gay clubs and the end of the world as we know it…

Ian Shuttleworth, The Independent

This comic dramatic monologue is simultaneously a satire on the ‘War On Drugs’, a cautionary tale of teenage fandom, and a mythic account of ‘John Crow’s initiation’.

Highly imaginative… witty and incisive…

Louise Doughty, The Mail On Sunday