GRAIL – The Glastonbury Mysteries and The Poetic Vision

Saturday 8th April at 15.30

John Constable aka John Crow delves into his latest esoteric work, Grail, to explore how this living agency of transformation can manifest in our inner and outer worlds. This talk / performance traces its origins in the Celtic Cauldron of Inspiration infused with medieval Christian mysticism. John deconstructs the text most closely identified with Glastonbury, the problematic High History of The Holy Grail. He highlights the power of the Poetic Vision to transform the physical world, and the perils of literalism, of seeking to define or explain The Grail within a single paradigm whereby ‘the key to The Mysteries becomes the lock, the block’. Together we approach the enigmatic question to be asked at the serving of The Grail: ‘Whom does it serve?’ The answer cannot be framed by analytical reason. John will perform several of his magical spells and invocations which seek to point beyond meaning to the ineffable, infinite interconnected consciousness of Being Itself.

John Constable is a playwright, poet and performer. His plays includes Gormenghast, The Southwark Mysteries (Shakespeare’s Globe and Southwark Cathedral), I Was An Alien Sex God and Spare (inspired by the works of Austin Osman Spare). His published works include Sha-Manic Plays, The Southwark Mysteries, Gormenghast, Secret Bankside and Spark In The Dark. His new book Grail interweaves myths and poetic spells with vignettes of contemporary life in Glastonbury. On his album Ancestor Souls he performs his work to music by Queen Space Baroque. As the shaman John Crow he recently completed a 23-year cycle of magical works at south London’s Cross Bones Graveyard, conducting monthly rituals and creating a shrine and garden for sex workers and outcasts. An invited speaker at Breaking Convention, The Occult Conference and many other symposia, he has held ceremonies at festivals and sacred sites around the world. He now lives in Glastonbury.

8th, 9th and 10th April 2023

Join 15 speakers worldwide for three days in Glastonbury, renowned as a land of myth, legend and earth mysteries.

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