Crossbones Vigil / Portal to Imbolc

Wednesday 23rd January, gather 6.45 for 7pm Vigil in the street by the gates / shrine in Redcross Way

The 176th consecutive Vigil held on the 23rd of every month since June 2004. To honour the Outcast, dead and alive. To renew the shrine at the gates. And to reclaim the secret history of Crossbones as revealed by The Goose to John Crow.

The January Vigil is also the Portal to Imbolc. This traditional festival of fire and light, held on February 1st, is dedicated to Brigid, Brid, Bridie. For the past few years we’ve honoured her with a call-and-response of this poem:

“… Bridie I am here 
with my goose-feather quill
to trace the lucent songs of the Ancients.

Bridie I am here
with the chalice and snake 
to receive and transmit your healing benediction.

Bridie I am here
with the bellows and tongues
to tend your sacred fire of transformation…” *

Each line is called and repeated in the response, and all three verses are repeated three times, to honour the triple goddess.

At this Vigil we also elevate David Bowie as our ‘Angel of the Outcast’ with a rendition of ‘Starman’. Anyone with the Voice and the chutzpah is welcome to lead the collective Crossbones scratch choir! 

This January, Jennifer Cooper will be conducting the Vigil. 

All are welcome to contribute with a short poem, song or personal testimony dedicated to The Goose and her Outcast Dead. We also encourage Goose Rhapsodes to learn and perform a poem from ‘The Southwark Mysteries’. And please bring a small magical totem or memento to help renew the shrine. 

Gather at the gates in Redcross Way at 6.45 to prepare. And be ready to take on the highest honour by doing a short shift as a Goose Samurai, guarding the road to protect the other participants.

* ‘Imbolc’ poem from ‘Spark In The Dark’ by John Constable