Crossbones Vigil for the Outcast and Vernal Equinox

All are invited to the 190th Crossbones Vigil, held at the gates to the graveyard in Redcross Way. Starting on the dot of 7pm.

We remember all those cornerstones who have upheld society with little to no recognition or outright rejection. We remember our dearly departed. We honour the locality of this some-time single-women’s graveyard, plague pit, and burial-space of ‘social undesirables’. And in-so-doing, we become present to the spirit of the outcast throughout history, helping people to bridge past, present and future in shining emptiness.

‘Here lay your hearts,
your flowers,
your book of hours;

Your fingers,
your thumbs,
your miss-you-mum’s.

Here hang your hopes,
your dreams
your might’ve-beens;

Your locks,
your keys,
your mysteries.’

We welcome any personal poems, prayers, memories and reflections. We hold especially this time round the Vernal Equinox: Spring, where Old Man Winter has loosened his grip, the shadows get shorter, the future looks warm, and festivity begins a new phase. We tie ribbons, share stories, sow seeds.

Come all who are hungry or thirsty for a spot of magic in the bustle – a chance to stop, wait, and listen to what the goose is saying.

Open Pathways.

(written by Mark)

poem ‘Here lay your hearts…’
from ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ by John Constable