Crossbones Vigil for the Outcast

Wednesday 23rd August – gather 6.45 for 7pm vigil at the shrine on the red gates of Crossbones burial ground, Redcross Way SE1

On the 23rd of every month since June 2004, we’ve held a vigil to renew the Crossbones shrine, to remember the outcast, dead and alive, and to reclaim a Secret History…

Jazz sings at the Vigil, 23rd May 2017. Photo by Graham Eden

Most of the 158 vigils so far have been conducted by yours truly in my John Crow shaman persona, though Jennifer and other Friends of Crossbones have also done the honours.

Many regulars now know the simple ritual forms –

Hold the light in silence and shining emptiness to ‘light the open pathways’

Tie ribbons and mementos to the gates as we echo:
‘Here lay your hearts, your flowers, your Book of Hours,
Your fingers, your thumbs, your ‘Miss You, Mums’.
Here hang your hopes, your dreams, your Might Have Beens,
Your locks, your keys, your Mysteries’

Chant the unconditional Goose blessing:
‘Goose may you never be hungry!
Goose may you never be thirsty!
Goose may your Spirit fly free!’

– all of which allows us to hold the space for spontaneous offerings of songs, poems and personal testimonies.

Whenever I’m around The Liberty, you’ll find me there there doing my thing. When I’m not, others are. Wherever two or three are gathered at the gates, the vigil happens.

The pathways are open to walk with The Goose. FREE!