Crossbones Garden of Remembrance

In 2014, the site-owners Transport for London (TfL) granted a lease for Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST) to create a ‘meanwhile garden’ on the site of the former burial ground. Work on the garden commenced in 2015.

TfL’s own guidelines make clear the particular constraints relating to the Cross Bones Graveyard area, which is marked on their plans as public open land.

The Crossbones Garden of Remembrance is now open to the public – weekdays from 12 noon to 3pm (and some Saturdays) thanks to Crossbones volunteer wardens. The garden is funded by public donations.

To become a warden or to get involved in community gardening and other projects on site, to make a donation or to help with fundraising, please contact:

Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST): 020 7403 3393
or visit