Cross Bones Vigil: portal to Imbolc

Thursday 23rd January 2020

The 188th consecutive Vigil for the Outcast, dead and alive, held in the stereet by the shrine in Redcross Way, London SE1, at 7pm on the 23rd of every month.

Following their hosting of the Christmas Vigil, during 2020 the new Magical Collective will conduct the Crossbones Vigils for the Outcast, each taking on the role of the John Crow to serve The Goose. MC Jennifer has already conducted a number of Vigils in the last few years. She writes:

Everyone is invited to the 188th Vigil for the Outcast, both dead and alive. We gather at the Portal at 6.45 to begin at 7 pm. Standing together, in Shining Emptiness, we Honour The Outcast, refresh and renew the shrine and reclaim the sacred Teachings of the Goose and her Liberty. Welcoming all religions and none, please bring your creativity, ribbons, grief and joy to the first of our Vigils of 2020. Open Pathways.”

Photo and artfefact (‘web of light’ – crochet and withy) by Katy Nicholls