Cross Bones Vigil – autumn equinox

Saturday 23rd September – gather 6.45 for 7pm at the Red Gates, Redcross Way, London SE1 1TA, UK

To renew the shrine at Crossbones, the pauper’s burial ground. To remember the Outcast, Dead AND Alive. To reclaim the Secret History of The Goose and John Crow. And to celebrate life itself. Begins on the stroke of 7.

This will be the 160th consecutive vigil held on the 23rd of every month since June 2004. The vigil is structured around simple ritual forms, conducted by yours truly in my John Crow persona, with everyone invited to help hold the space and to play specific roles. On the 23rd September vigil, we also mark the autumn equinox. Please bring ribbons or mementos to adorn and renew the shrine, and come prepared to participate and to help with whatever is required to let The Goose take flight!

The vigil is FREE! Donations to help cover the costs of organising and presenting the vigil are much appreciated. The Goose is Loose!