Blessings and Bards, Crossbones Vigil, Feast of The Goose Magdalene Isis

Sunday 23rd July 2023

in honour of St Mary Magdalene and the Women of Cross Bones…

In The Garden (entrance Union Street)
1-2pm: The Blessings: ‘Act of Regret, Remembrance, Restoration’ conducted by The Dean of Southwark
2-4pm: The Bards: poetry, music and songs inspired by Cross Bones, including performances from ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ by John Constable (John Crow). Hosted by George of Peckham.
Free but space is limited. Book your free place here:…/blessing-and-bards-2023…

At The Gates (the Shrine in Redcross Way)
7pm: The 229th Cross Bones Vigil for the Outcast now into its 20th year of consecutive monthly Vigils. 23rd July is the Vigil associated with our annual Isis-Magdalene festival. The 23rd July 2023 is the date prophesied in 1996 in ‘The Southwark Mysteries’ for Her Goose Apocalypse. Goose willing, John Crow will perform ‘The Book of The Goose’ (as recorded on the night of 23rd Novemeber 1996). Hosted by Jenn of Clapham 🙂
Free. No need to book. Just show up with an open heart

‘That in the month July and the day shall be 23
in the Year of Our Lady Mary Overie…’
The Goose’s Prophesy was recorded by John Crow on the night of 23rd November 1996, as transmitted by the Goose. Recent examination of Crow’s notebook reveals that the line was originally:
‘… in the month July and the day shall be 23
in the Year of Our Lord 2023…’

The writer John Constable changed it for the scansion and to reflect the female nature of the Revelation. However, it’s there in black and white, as prophesied by The Goose 26 years and 8 months ago.
The 23rd July 2023 is the day to watch – and be here!
Open pathways!