ANCESTOR SOULS and GRAIL by John Constable

ANCESTOR SOULS by John Crow (John Constable) and Queen Space Baroque (Jenny Bliss Bennett and William Kraemer) is a live album recorded at a ritual performance on 31st October 2021 in the esoteric Library Of Avalon and released on Halloween 2022.
A journey in mind and spirit, with my psychoactive spells and incantations set to edgy, astral music and soundscapes. 5 invocations from John Constable’s new book GRAIL, 3 new settings of poems from The Southwark Mysteries, the heart of The Halloween of Cross Bones ritual, and an eerie instrumental from beyond The Veil.
Great for meditation, vision quests or just to chill. Here’s a taster:
‘Caer Sidi is the castle which guards the cauldron of Awen or inspiration in the Celtic Otherworld. The archetypal Bard Taliesin relates how he accompanied Arthur on a raid to seize the cauldron. He claims Caer Sidi as the place of his Bardic ‘Chair’. My poem is a response to Taliesin’s originals.’ (John Constable)
‘Perfect is my Chair In Caer Sidi…’
Words by John Constable (aka John Crow). Music by Queen Space Baroque (Jennifer S. Bliss Bennett & William Kraemer) from Ancestor Souls by John Crow & Queen Space Baroque
Have a free listen, and if the spirit moves you, please download a digital copy of DM me to get your 1 of a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
And, if you haven’t read it yet, treat yourself to a copy of GRAIL, John Constable’s 2022 book charting his first year living in Glastonbury, its mythic landscapes interwoven in spells and incantations with vignettes of contemporary life and mediations on magical practice.
‘This book could be titled The Glastonbury Mysteries, as counterpart to the author’s celebrated The Southwark Mysteries… a deeply affectionate and perceptive look at esoteric Glastonbury at a particular moment in time… a generous exemplar of that meeting of different spiritual traditions, in harmonious juxtaposition and conversation, which is the greatest current achievement of the place… an enduring contribution to the literature of Avalon, the more so in that Constable always keeps his feet as dependably on the ground as his head is in the clouds. Like his muse the Goose Woman, he is a being equally of earth and fire.’
Professor Ronald Hutton
GRAIL book £13 *
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