A playful spell to transform our maps of reality

This Tuesday 23rd April at 2.23pm Geneva time (1.23pm UK time) a post-Discordian* collective of 69 (3 x 23) pilgrims (skippered by Daisy Campbell along with Michelle, Tommy, Jonathan, Myra, Dolly and many friends who have stood with us at the portal for the Crossbones Vigils) will perform a ritual at CERN, Switzerland, home of the Hadron Collider and the Quest for the Higgs Boson. They will use the sacred dance language of Damanhur to say: “Show us so we can understand.”

All devotees of the repatterning power of 23 are invited to connect with the CERN PilGRINS at 1.23pm UK time on 23rd April. Just relax, tune into shining emptiness, envision our friends dancing in the Quantum Heart and say 23 times: “Show us so we can understand.” You’re welcome to join us at the Crossbones gates / shrine at 1.23pm to amplify the connection ready for the evening Vigil. For so it is…

Later, this Tuesday 23rd April at 7pm, we embark on the 179th Crossbones Vigil for the Outcast at the ribboned gates in Redcross Way, London SE1.

At 7.23pm (or as near as) we shall say 23 times: “The Goose is loose in The Liberty.” – thereby invoking and evoking not only the historical Liberty of the Clink but also that state of Unconditioned Mind wherein contrary energies dance new patterns into being.

At this precise moment (8.23pm Geneva time), the CERN PilGRINS will say 23 times:
“The Goose is loose in the Liberty.”

And so she is…

We’ll then continue to reclaim St George as an inclusive patron, Our Lady’s Knight and protector of the healing works at Crossbones. The April 23rd Vigil traditionally features street theatre – there are rumours of a return visit from St George. And a trickster Dragon?

Among the other offerings:
Healing George and The Dragon raps from The Southwark Mysteries performed by John and Jennifer, and The Book of the Egyptian performed by Goose Rhapsode Mark
Brazilian songs for Jorge and Ogum by Danny, Gilda and family
Katy’s new crochet alchemical rose cross hung on the portal
Jules speaks on John Michell (who passed away April 24th ten years ago), JM’s vision of Avalon, and Jules’ own encounter with him at Crossbones…
And surely someone will want to say a few words on Extinction Rebellion and the brave young canaries in this 21st century coal-mine.

All this unfolding within our time-honoured rituals for the outcast, dead and alive – and the magic that only happens on the night. Gather 6.45 for the Vigil to begin on the stroke of seven. Come prepared to participate and to do a short shift of honour as a Goose Samurai! To be amazed, and be changed.


ps if you want to help build up the charge, you can tune into Crossbones, and CERN, and other holy places you desire to re-active in the healing and transformation of HUMAN RITES for our future as creative, harmonious incarnations of Life On Earth

Crossbones gates with Our Lady Banner by Jennifer Cooper – photo by Jörg, 23rd March 2019

*post-Discordians: those previously inspired by The Illuminatus Trilogy and other works of Robert Anton Wilson, and especially by the cult of Eris, Greek Goddess of Discord, and the power of the number 23 to disrupt our models of reality, who have come to question such techniques as “Fake News” and sowing confusion, especially now that they’ve been so successfully appropriated by Trumpism, Farrargasm and the Far Right. These post-Discordians are, as we understand it, attempting to “Immanentize the Eschaton” (a phrase quoted in The Southwark Mysteries: The Bankside Book of Revelation). Not to be taken literally, as causing the end of the world, but rather as breaking apart outmoded maps, models and projections of the world, so as to allow new patterns to manifest.

The Pilgrims invocation-evocation was received in a dream by Kate Alderton. Their pilgrimage is rooted in the feminine mysteries, boosted by male energies: it began in the phallus of the Cerne Abbas giant; it will culminate when they dance the spell: “Show us so we can understand” at CERN, on the site of the Large Hadron Collider. Imaginatively twinning the site with Cerne Abbas – and Crossbones – the PilGRINS have renamed it the Large Hard-on Collider.

It’s only a play…